Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bridal Shower - Purple/Black

Okay I've promised everyone photos of my parties... so here are some unprofessional photos (basically they were taken by me). This was a Bridal shower that was thrown for my husband's cousins fiancee (did you get all that?). I will show you photos and I'd LOVE feedback!

This was the Prize and Favors Table. I made these cute wooden letter photo frames with some cute ribbon attached. I loved the look/feel of it.

This was some Dot Garland that I made by hand. I think it turned out a lot cuter than I had anticipated! This was hung behind the food table.

So here is the other side of the Prize/Favor table.. I had some balloons on the back side of this table as well. Purple/Black balloons of course!

This was the food table. I had some pretzel salad, sandwiches, punch, water with lemons, salami wrapped peppers, potato salad, chips/dips and some feathers in a vase for decor. I also had some food labels and confetti. (close up of those below).

Everyon'es favorite table.. the Sweet Treats Table. I have my "Bride 2 Be" banner hanging on the black background. In the Apothecary jars are some various candies (purple and black). From Left to right I have Purple Chocolate Dipped Pretzels, cake Pops, Choc. Dipped Oreos, Cupcakes (the cupcakes up top have the "BRIDE" pennant banner" and then the fruit plat to the right corresponded with the chocolate fountain I had sitting on the counter next to it.

These were some paper lanterns I had in hanging in the middle of both tables.

This was a close-up of the Food Labels and Confetti

This was the Welcome sign on the front door. 

That's about it! I wanted to give credit to The Twinery for the twine I used for the Bride Pennant Cupcake Toppers as well as the twine accents on the front door sign. 

I now have the dot garland and Bridal shower front door sign for sale for someone else to possibly use! So if you're interested be sure to get a hold of me. I promise you I'd give you a steal of a deal! 

I'd love some feedback on what you think! :) 

~Ciao <3


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  1. Love this purple color. Honestly in love with your purple and black bridal shower theme. It reminded me of my bridal shower at one of New York venues. It was arranged and hosted by my sister. She made it very entertaining and enjoyable.