Thursday, September 22, 2011

9/22/11 - Another SUCCESSFUL Shopping Trip!!

I wanted to share my recent shopping trip with you! 137 diapers (56 of those being slip on diapers). A pack of 216 wipes..1 gallon of milk..1 soda..1 bag of candy corn. Total Out of Pocket: 27.00 (saved 35.00). You could consider that .19 cents a piece for diapers and everything else free!!

Want to know how I did it so you can too??  (Look below the photo). 

CVS Pharmacy is having a deal on diapers this week so be sure you get there before Saturday Sept 24th.

The special is buy 25.00 in select baby products, get 10.00 credit. So this is what you do.

Transaction 1: 2 Jumbo Packs of Diapers (any brand you prefer) (My CVS was out of the jumbo pack of Slip Ons in my Son's size... so they gave me the "BIG PAK" for 18.00 (originally 22.00). So i got one pack of BIG Pak for 18.00 and the other pack for 9.00)
                        1 Huggies Wipes
  Coupons used:  3.00 in CVS Credit I had from a previous trip
                            3.00 off Slip On Diapers (found in Smart Source 9/11 paper)
                            1.50 off Any Huggies Diapers (found in Smart Source 9/11 paper)
                            .50 off Huggies Wipes (found in Smart Source 9/11 paper)
                        My total was 27.00 out of pocket and some change (I did have about 3.00 in Credit 
                               and got a larger pack of diapers.. but the deal concept is still there.)
                       **RECEIVE 10.00 Credit***

Transaction 2:  1 bottle of Coca Cola 1.50
                         1 bag of Candy Corn .99
                         1 gallon of milk  3.29
                          1 50 pack of CVS brand diapers (on sale for 6.00 and some change).

Coupons used: FREE Soda or Candy (must "like" CVS Facebook Page and print out coupon)
                         In Store Ad - Buy 1 bag of Candy Corn (specific brand) get .99 credit.
                         I paid for the diapers and milk with my 10.00 credit
                         Out of pocket... .29 cents!

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions. I'd be happy to help you. OH also.. if they are out of any of the diapers you need/want.. be sure to ask.. many times the managers will substitute something equivalent and sometimes larger for those items.

Good luck! And be sure to follow my blog if you ever want to get amazing deals.. I try to post these as often as I get REALLY good ones. :)

Good Luck!!

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